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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fresh Outbreak

We’re now living in an undead world. The original Zombie outbreak has led to the panicked collapse of civilian society with only isolated pockets of survivors remaining.

The Undead have grown more agile, vicious, intelligent, and stronger than the traditional zombie. They were slow and lumbering as Lurkers, but once they turned Rabid, and as confidence grew, they’ve developed into Ultimate Zombies.

On the other side, the Survivors have been left to scavenge for food and supplies in a world reduced to a pre-industrial hostile wilderness. Living under threat of attack, they’ve quickly had to become Zombie Killers. Many have stepped up as Stealth Killers as they’ve become more efficient and those who fight to protect all of humanity are known asMaster Zombie Killers.

They live every day under threat of marauding Zombies and fear that a fresh outbreak is imminent….

This is predicted to take place at 6:30pm on Thursday 19th August.Here, the second set of Zombies will be unleashed:

• You only want me for one thing – my Brains
• Self catering
• Rot ‘n’ Roll

These will initially be launched as a set on the Online Store and will include a FREE “I’m a Zombie” or “I’m a Zombie Killer” badge.

In addition, anyone capturing this set of Zombies will have a 50/50 chance of winning a FREE Limited Edition Self Catering Phantom Zombie – one of just220 worldwide.

These will be allocated randomly and will NOT be shown on your invoice. Only when you receive your order will you know if a Phantom Zombie has smuggled into your order.

Please note that the Zombie Set 2 is limited to 1 per member until 10am on Friday 20th August and will be available whilst stocks of the Phantom Zombie last. The three Zombies will be released individually next week.

Phantom Zombies and badges will also be available at participating retailers – contact your local stockist for details.

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