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Tuesday, 18 January 2011




Thanks to our good friends at TOYSREVIL and VINYL PULSE for some more great reviews on the Mini Mayhem blind box figurines...

Monday, 17 January 2011


TRUE LOVE They say romance is dead!? Who do they think they are?

I hope you will agree that as far as Bad Taste Bears are concerned, love is consistently 'in the air.' And to celebrate the launch of our brand new True Love valentines figurine, we thought we'd try and spice up your love life with a BTB top 10 romantic TIPS.

Let us know what you think of our list and who YOU would have in your top 10 valentines Bad Taste Bears...

10. Puppy Love - Not to be mistaken for true love, puppy love is more of an animal instinct. You'd have to be blind to miss it when it is starring you in the face...
9. For the love of God - If all else fails, why not turn to religion in order to get your kicks? Get thee to a nunnery!8. An idiots guide to Love - Lovers manuals can often help to spice up your love life! The Karmasutra might be a good place to start. Stay away from a guide to muff diving though.

7. Virtual Love - Many lonely lovers end up finding companionship online these days. Just make sure that you're enjoying cyber love with a 20 year old fitness trainer and NOT a 20 stone truck driver called Angus.
6. Say it with FLOWERS - Don't start handing over body parts, it just gets creepy.

5. Foridden fruit - Can sometimes seem very exciting. The reality isn't as exciting and the guy can often end up being a bit of a snake.

4. Love Buzz - If your fella just doesn't have the stamina, why not try a bit of battery run action? Look out for battery acid though!? Owwwwww.
3. DIY - Do it yourself!
2. Plug and Play - Sometimes it just FITS. The electricity is just right and you find the POWER of love prevails.. Bleugh (sorry I'm making myself feel sick!?)

1. Dead and Loving it - Til death do us part (and then rise from the dead again.)
Necromance is eternal even when you are dead and rotting.
Why not buy a Bad Taste Bear for your loved one this Valentines Day? Plug, plug...

Paul x

Friday, 14 January 2011


This time from our friends at Spanky Stokes! Thanks guys!


Big thanks to Kollectible Kulture blog for their kind words on the Mini Mayhem range, coming your way this Feb 2011. Follow the link and check out their awesome colletible toy blog.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Mini Mayhem is the am-mazing, range of new wave, blind box, bad taste bear figurines launching this Spring 2011! There will be 8 chibi style BTB characters in the first range (with varying degrees of rarity) plus 2 ultra rare 'chase' figurines hidden within outers of 16.

These beautifully hand finished 2.5" figurines will cost £7.99 OR you can buy an outer of 16 pieces for just £120.
For more information about the range and speculations about Mini Mayhem swap parties, WATCH THIS SPACE or visit the Mini Mayhem section of the BTB forums.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


This amazing new range of blind boxed, chibi style Bad Taste Bears is due to hit Spring 2011 in the UK, Europe and the USA... Watch this space for more images and info on the launch.

If you are a BTBCC member, you can check out even m0re info here...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Happy New Year folks!
Hope you all had a great holiday? I must say it's good to be back after too much TV, way too much food and waaay too much time with the family!? Hehe

So we're all looking forward to a fantastic year in 2011. Check out 10 reasons why you should get excited about OddCo in 2011... (in no particular order)

10. Weenicons - 5 new figurines and 2 spanking new money boxes will launch this Spring!

9. launches brand new website NOW!!!!

8. Teeny Demons - a huge relaunch of the perfectly formed satanic ponies will happen this Spring at the Birmingham NEC...
7. Dead Teds - Peter Underhill and OddCo will continue to launch more of the hugely successful Dawn of the Ted zombie bears range in 2011, starting with some amazing Zombie Killers in Feb/April.

6. The Bogies Blind packed figures and computer games - Australian toy company TPF will launch a huge international collection of our very own Bogies in 2011. Each blind packed toy comes with it's very own computer game code hidden within the pack!
5. Horrorscopes are coming - Terrific new 'star sign' themed Bad Taste Bears are coming your way throughout 2011, starting with the fantastic Aquarius in Jan and then Pisces in Feb. Keep a look out for your horrorscope.

4. Popmash is here - Expect some hilarious new Popmash merchandise this year, starring some side splitting new characters including Hemanilow, Beatlejuice and Godcilla.

3. Jabear is delivered - Due for delivery this month, Jabear is the biggest ever BTB outside of the 'giant figurines' and is surely a fantastic starting point for what is destined to be an amazing BTB collection for 2011.

2. Deadmau5 mini collectibles 2 - With a brand new album and a huge new tour under his belt, 2011 will be an amazing year for dance guru Deadmau5. OddCo intend to ride the wave of the success of series 1 with an amazing second series of figurines coming late Spring. Initial designs are already approved and we are sampling the figures as we speak.

1. Mini Mayhem - this is the amazing new range of chibi Bad Taste Bears from Peter Underhill, creator of furry fury. Mini Mayhem is due to drop this Sping and more images will be revealed as we approach the official launch in Feb!

Here's to a great new year! All the best!

Paul and the team at OddCo.