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Thursday, 16 December 2010


Hey Guys!
Further to our exclusive revealing earlier on this year, just wanted to let you know some updated info about the horrorscopes and show you some new images of Pisces (Feb) and Aries (March) releases...

For those who don't already know about Horrorscopes... check out the previous blog.

As of January 2011 OddCo and Peter Underhill are delighted to introduce Horrorscopes, a brand new monthly BTB programme to replace Bear of the Month.

Each monthly release for 2011 will relate to the star sign for that month, starting with Aquarius in January and moving into Pisces for February and so on…

Each figurine comes in a beautifully designed new box with a star sign description on the side.

If you are a monthly subscriber to this scheme you will receive all kinds of benefits over and above the normal purchase.

If you are already signed up to the Bear of the Month scheme, then this will just continue into 2011 as Horrorscope subscription with no hassle at all. If you are not a subscriber, then watch this space for more info coming very soon...

Now, check out some exclusive new images of Pisces and Aries, not yet seen outside the Bad Taste Bears Hinkley Preview!



We hope you like these great new releases as much as we do? Watch this space for more info...

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