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Thursday, 10 March 2011

WeLove Competitions

WeLove to run competitions on and last weeks competition was to win a Teeny Demon figurine. All you had to do was tell us your favorite childhood toy. If you entered last weeks competition find out if you are a winner - Competition Winners

We have been inundated with entries. The passionate varied answers we received to "What is your favorite childhood toy" could not have gone by without blogging about it. It seems that most of our Odd Friends are children of the 80's.

My Pink windmill and grotbags

We were so naive in the 80's this statement just sounds really rude these days.

Chrissy Doll. You push her belly-button and her hair grows. Still have her!

This just sounds too creepy...Why do you still have her???? That said I used to have a Blythe doll that I loved and her eyes changed colour!

There were loads of votes for this chap....

My favourite childhood toy was a cabbage patch doll called michelle, by the time I was finished with her she was drawn on and bald!

Check out the Cabbage Patch website for some true weirdness.

Dorable Dacksy the flipping, yapping walking dog - genius! And it annoyed my family SO MUCH! YUS!

My Little Pony I loved their hair

My personal favourite was this one...

Mine was Blodwin, a handknitted welsh rabbit ( yes, really). She went everywhere with me, was vomited on, dragged through indiscribable things and washed and hung out to dry many times. Not only this but she had a totally amazing hand-knitted traditional welsh outfit...hmmm!!!

We can even begin to think what to search for for to find a picture of this one.

We would love to hear about more peoples childhood toys so be sure to let us know who you played with on Twitter and Facebook.

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