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Thursday, 28 April 2011

My big fat royal zombie wedding

What's better than a Royal wedding?
A zombie royal wedding! Now coverage of that I'd watch!
Well, anyway. Here's what I've got to work with. Awesome in part because I had nothing to do with any part of it.

So I intend to stand tall on the shoulders of giants such as Pete, Wayne, and Gavin. The only thing I need to do is not f**k it up.

The first thing to do, I felt, was to alter their stance, because that wasn't very zombie like, so to do that I cut it up into chunks! Oh yes. That's right! This is more than a re-paint.

Yikes! I've done it now!
Using super glue to stick it back together would only result in the same bear again. So it's time to bring out the moders friend, car body filler.

A nice big blob of filler in between the bits means I can put all the bits a pieces back at different angles.

And while I'm at it I may as well stick the crown on a Kate's head instead!

Now, with a dremel, I need to carry the lines of the drapery back through, so you cant tell it used to be all chopped up.

Then I gave it a bit of a spray with the white. To get a better idea of shapes without getting distracted by colour. I hollowed out Kate's eyes a bit and put the black dots back on with some filler.
I also hollowed out her cheeks a bit, cut her jaw off and stuck it back on open.

Because William is now leaning back the dress was draping incorrectly so it needed a big fat splodge of filler there

Now that he's looking up I can make more of his face too. Hollowing out the eyes and mouth with the dremel again giving it a scream type thing.

A few holes in kate and her dress too...

Some cuts too. Maybe it was Fred who got to her?

Then it's just a matter of painting it I guess.

And here's some before and after shots...

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