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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Hey Folks! For those who didn't know, Bad Taste Bears will be attending the Kapow! Comic Con in London this May 19th/20th! For more news on the event and all happenings follow this link.

In preparation for the event, Bad Taste Bears creator Peter Underhill has been working on a Limited Edition Myers Print which is now available to pre-order here.

Great news for all fans of Pete's artwork, as he has invited us in to his Shedio (half studio/half shed,) to give us a preview of the work in progress and to watch the master at work. Thanks Pete!

So here's part 1. Enjoy.

"After establishing the composition with small thumbnail sketches, I dumped the sketch through Photoshop and played around with colour values, lights and darks to arrive at the rough you've seen." 

"Next stage is to draw up the image to a size comfortable to work. In this case, approx A4."

"I've already prepared a board with an overall blue onto which I transfer the drawing.
The next part is getting the paints out. More soon."

Part II to follow soon...

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