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Thursday, 26 April 2012


"Once the shadows are in place, I started working on the forms as if there's a single light source, above and behind the viewer. Here I've worked on the overalls and the mask."

"Adding colour to the fur and the stairs, not wanting to have too much contrast in the stairs because they could dominate the image."
"Dropped some basic shading into the bannister and railings knowing that the secondary and tertiary lights will be acting on them quite heavily, so just establishing the structure for now."
"I decided the rag doll should have socks. They somehow suggest innocence. I still need to add the seams to the legs. We wouldn't want any sensitive types thinking this is a human or anything."
"If you check against the early visual, you'll see how the image is going to be cropped on all sides. At the bottom it will be part way through the green dress, so that blue area at the bottom right won't appear."

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